Author Spotlight

*Page in progress

Autumn Breeze (Lesbian/Romance/Contemporary)

Lilo Abernathy (Urban Fantasy/Romance/Paranormal)

Kymberlyn Reed (Erotica/LGBTQ)

Links Coming Soon (in the process of moving past interviews from Goodreads and Livejournal to VisualProse):

Kirby Crow (Queer Speculative Fiction/Romance)

Dylan J. Morgan (Horror/Scifi)

Reed James (Contemporary Erotica)

Ray Garton (Horror/Thriller/Suspense)

Jennie Marsland (Historical Romance)

Luke Romyn (Horror/Thriller)

Mark Wisher (Children’s Literature)

Christy Condoleo (Young Adult/Fantasy)

Manda Scott (LGBT/Historical/Thriller)

Jaime Samms (M/M Romance)

Destiny Booze (Romantic Suspense/Thriller)

Nimue and Tom Brown (Gothic Webcomic)

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