Flash Fiction: “Quiver” (Erotica)

Warning: the following 500-word flash fiction contains graphic depictions of sex and violence. Reader discretion is advised.


by Jane Bled


The clock’s shorter hand stroked the six; its longer hand caressed the twelve.

Slickened digits drummed along the crease of Mina’s inner thigh. Burgundy panties were tugged to the side by Jasper’s straight white teeth. Arching into her lover’s demanding touch, she revealed her cunt.

Jasper slid his tongue inside, deftly coaxing a rivulet of juices from her quivering crux.

Mina’s lips parted in pleasure. Clear nectar dripped from her honeyed petals. Shivers of lust slipped up her spine as he suckled her swollen clit.

“Mm,” he rasped through a mouthful of flesh, “Angel tastes like the sun’s going down bittersweet.”

She loathed sugary terms of endearment, but she did not dare correct him – not when his mouth whispered a wet welcome. Circles: up and down, back and forth, side to side. Figure eights.

The constant nibbling on her clit drove her into a moaning frenzy. Her hips bucked. She clamped his head between her thighs; dug her heels into the mattress.

Jasper lapped harder — until she begged, “Please, God. Let me come!”

“Yes, angel,” he groaned, “I’ll allow it.” He suctioned her sex into his hot mouth and swallowed her steaming juices. “Now.”

Mina surrendered in a spasm. Bearing down, she arched her back and achieved her first three orgasms. The room spun. She struggled to keep consciousness intact.

Jasper’s muffled command: “Again.”

Helplessly, Mina complied four times more, before collapsing into a gasping pleasure-heap.

“God deserves a display of gratitude.” Jasper ghosted her toes with the heel of his palm. “Have you been practicing?”

“Twenty minutes a day. Just how you taught me.”

He gestured to his cock. “Get to it.”

“Yes, sir.”

Still panting, she drew his erection between her feet. Her toes, pampered from her morning pedicure, stroked his shaft, initiating a steady rhythm – massaging, teasing – cradling his cock with her toes; rubbing him from base to tip.

Jasper’s legs started to shake. “Like that, blossom. Ah! Keep it up.” His eyes rolled back in ecstasy. “Angel!”

Mina did not correct him. She had seen that same expression on the covertly-installed hidden camera in his bedroom. His secret lover was a sweet young thing with shaven pubes and an inch-long cock. Jasper’s was barely average — maybe 5 inches.

But long enough to miss.

Mina squeezed with all the strength her toes possessed. Between her feet, she felt a burst-bubble pop – a cleaver-like sensation of crushing – then the wounded-animal cry of a predator surprised by his prey. Blood gushed like cum between her sore toes: baptism by vengeance.

“Are you satisfied with how hard I’ve been practicing?”

Jasper jolted backwards, clutching his mangled manhood. Yowls transitioned into squealed whimpers.

“Hush, darling,” she crooned. “Your baby-cock lover has a leg up now. But not for long. He’s next on my to-do list.”

She unsheathed the unused scalpel hiding in her sheer black brassiere. “Don’t struggle, puppy. Remember: I’m your angel.”

Jasper’s member detached without a hitch.

“God!” he shrieked.

Flattered, Mina let him keep his tongue.


Rose © Jose Estevao Freitas | File ID: 138084 | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Thank you for reading. Sorry (not sorry) for jerking your chain. Good thing the author isn’t actually a homicidal maniac, huh? 😉

Fun fact: “Quiver” is the companion piece to “Binge” (my flash fiction about Mina’s older sister Elsa). In case you haven’t read it, spoiler alert: Mina has a thing for sausage, Elsa has a thing for meatballs. Go figure! XD

To get in the mood, I listened to “Get On Your Knees” by Nicki Minaj featuring Ariana Grande. I don’t always listen to music when I write, but this song really did the trick!

Oh, and it would be remiss of me not to give a shout-out to Lee A. Forman for his horror short “A Walk with Grace.” Upon completing this fantastically creepy story, I had a spurt of motivation to finish “Quiver.” I appreciate the inspiration, Lee!

Also, thanks to Joseph A. Pinto (another stellar horror author — read “The Life” if you’ve got a taste for mafia-themed suspense) for tweeting out the link to Mr. Forman’s work. If it weren’t for him, that story-nugget might have remained undiscovered. 😀

Y’all take care.


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